One thought on “A Brief Account of Niacin Side Effects

  1. Flush-free niacin and fish oil (or high omega-3 flax) can save your life!

    I went from 500-700+ triglycerides to 180ish. Cholesterol (total) of 180 to 155. HDL jumped from 36 to 50. And I was already on generic Lipitor. AND MY CHOLESTEROL NUMBERS WOULD’VE BEEN hugely improved over that, IF I wasn’t already on generic Lipitor.

    Add the 500 ml flush-free niacin (don’t be afraid of the inositol), twice a day. Or once if you’re already on something and everything is close to OK. Niacin will crash your trigs and help your cholesterol.
    Have two oil capsules (fish of flax), usually fish. But make sure that they specify how much of their mls are Omega-3. You should find a capsule with 700+ in it at a place like Walmart, etal., pretty easily. If you do better, then great since you can’t really overdose on this stuff.

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