Carlson Fish Oil: Leading the Way in Quality

Carlson fish oilIf you want authentic fish oil, then Carlson fish oil is the one for you. Fish oil has been found to be of great value in treating diseases of the heart, guarding against inflammation and also activating the nervous system. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil take care of all these problems. Carlson fish oil is rich in EPA and DHA, the two main fatty acids responsible for the good health of people.

Cold water fish in the Norwegian waters are the source of Carlson fish oil. Refining and packing of fish is done in Norway to keep it fresh and problem free. Later, molecular distillation is done to extract fish oil and package it to be sold in the market. During extraction, the temperature is decreased to get the fish oil, without the use of any chemical. There is no chemical contamination and the fish oil obtained is fresh. All the toxins are also eliminated.

AOAC standards are followed to ensure authenticity. The samples are tested from time to time in FDA laboratories. The Carlson fish oil is tested for presence of mercury, cadmium, lead and other contaminants. Besides providing the required levels of DHA and EPA, Carlson fish oil also provides Vitamin E and some other vitamins.

Carlson fish oil has different categories. It is available in liquid form and in soft gel tablets. Some of them have a lemon flavour for the people who detest the taste and odour of fish. Carlson fish oil is the dependable fish oil which will provide your body with the necessary nutrients.

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