Discover How to Improve Memory

Improve Memory by Fish OilThe other day while I was browsing through, it came to me as a surprise having come across certain forms of advertisements promising their best to improve your memory. These also involved some forms of technologies and herbal supplements. If improving memory was this easy then there would have been more than only one Bill Gates for a whole big world.

People often pose queries on how to improve memory. After all you are not alone in failing to remember People’s names or the birthdays of your loved ones that have left you missing out on a number of business deals, doctor’s appointments and important relationships. There are a substantial number of ways to overcome such situations but this accounts for if only you remember to strictly follow them. Owing to the lack of reliability of these little and easier ways, it is often wiser to develop your memory through healthy eating and exercises.

Eating healthy refers to a diet comprising of foods rich in the substances that are known scientifically to endorse brain functioning such as Vitamins like Vitamin B, antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids are contained in large amounts in fishes or fish oil which could be inculcated even through commercially available fish oil or cod liver oil tablets or soft-gels. Moreover, the first meal of the day, breakfast, immensely contributes for a healthy brain and thereby good memory and is thus known as “food for brain”.

Exercises are not only physical activities but also shunning your brain cells to die out by solving puzzles.

Have We Still Discovered The Exact Fish Oil Dosage?

Fish Oil DosageFish oil is gaining in popularity because of its infinite number of good qualities. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil is extremely helpful in treating many heart problems, inflammation in the body and several afflictions of the mind. But it is also equally important to find out about the dosage. Fish oil dosage will determine whether your body will respond to the positive effects of fish oil. Fish oil dosage has the power to make your body healthy and free from many diseases.

The dosage is usually mentioned on top of the bottle. But you cannot generalize the dosage for all categories of people. The fish oil dosage will vary for children and old people. It will also be different for pregnant ladies. Your health condition is another factor affecting fish oil dosage.

  •  For pregnant women: About 200mg/day of DHA is recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers. 1-2 servings of oily fish are also supposed to be taken by expectant mothers. This will increase the DHA level in the brain of the unborn child.
  •  For children under 18: The fish oil dosage is yet to be determined for young kids. The level of activity is so huge that the exact dosage is still under study.
  •  Healthy adults: The expected fish oil dosage is about 500mg/day. This will be enough to counter problems due to heart failure.
  •  Infants: Omega-3 fatty acids increase a child’s immunity and even his visual acuity is improved. This dosage is still under review and scientists have still to establish the right amount for pre-term infants.

Fish oil dosage has great importance as the value of fish oil lies in it. Unless you take the correct dose, you will never reap its good effects.

Can we place our trust on fish oil as a depression cure?

Fat forms an essential part of our brain. A part of this fat is used to develop the functions of the brain and is the building block of the small cells in our body. Omega-3 fatty acids form the basis of the communication channels in our brain. They regulate the chemical messengers which are vital to stabilize our mood and guard against depression. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in abundance in fish oil. It has been now established that fish oil is a depression cure.

Fish oil as a depression cure has found acceptance at many levels. Scientists had never considered omega-3 fatty acids as a key player in mood stabilization. In recent years, the focus has shifted to omega-3 fatty acids and consequently to fish oil. Fish oil works on the nerve cells and strengthens them. An extended research is required to substantiate the effects of fish oil as a mood stabilizer.

Can we get the good effects of fish oil by consuming fish? The answer is “no”. You have to consume large quantities of cold fish everyday to get the necessary omega-3 fatty acids. This is not practically possible. Hence it is wise to take fish oil supplements for depression cure. Fish oil supplements can be taken in adequate quantities for tackling depression.

But whatever be your need for taking fish oil, you should never include it in your diet without consulting a doctor. A doctor will conduct several tests before prescribing fish oil or its supplements. Fish oil as a depression cure is finding popularity gradually and will soon be the best medicine ever.

The Ever-Increasing List of Fish Oil Benefits

Fish Oil BenefitsWe have always been urged by our parents to take fish oil supplements as they are good for our health. But have we ever analyzed the exact fish oil benefits? In fact, you will be surprised to know that fish oil is one of the key ingredients which affect most of the organs of our body. It is responsible for the proper functioning of our heart, skin, stomach and brain. It regulates our blood pressure and diabetes. It controls depression and coordinates the motor functioning in small kids.

In fact, the list is endless and is mind-blowing. Fish oil benefits are so varied that you will be forced to think how you were managing without it. As far as the heart is concerned, fish oil controls the level of cholesterol and triglycerides, which are the two main factors affecting coronary heart disease. Blood pressure is also normalized and the sugar levels are brought to book. It eases the flow of blood in our arteries and hence heart attacks are minimized.

Fish oil benefits also include controlling of cancer. Recent breakthroughs have brought to attention that fish oil may also aid in preventing cancer. This good news can bring smiles to quite a few faces.

People are however still in two minds about taking fish oil. They are afraid of its odour. But new products have come up which do not have the fishy odour and are quite safe to take. You might also include cold fish in your diet if you have a liking for fish. Otherwise supplements are abundantly available. Fish oil benefits are so many that you will be happy to make it a part of your daily life.

Be Careful While Purchasing the Best Fish Oil!

Fish oil is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA. But people are also trying to find alternative means for providing these fatty acids. Many other plant extracts are hoping to replace fish oil but none of them are as good as fish oil. They either lack EPA and DHA or do not have sufficient quantities of it. But fish oil has abundant quantities of these fatty acids which are naturally produced. But looking at the number of options available for fish oil, we have to determine the best fish oil to be consumed. The best fish oil will fulfill certain criteria to be awarded the top position.Best Fish Oil

• The species of fish used must be clearly mentioned on the bottle. Tuna, salmon and sardines are the popular choices.
• The best fish oil must also mention that it contains omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. There is no use in consuming just “fish oil”.
• The amount of fatty acids in the best fish oil should be also written on the bottle. It is important to take the correct dose.
• Find out from which part of the fish the oil is extracted. The fish oil should normally be extracted from the flesh and not head or tail.
• You should ensure that you are buying from a legitimate source which can be trusted to give you quality products. The fish used should not be diseased.
• The best fish oil must be free from toxins, pesticides and heavy metals.
• Make sure that the fish oil is not molecularly distilled. This process takes away the natural oils.

If you are observant enough and buy the best fish oil, then you are sure to have a healthy body.