Fish Oil as Mood Stabilizers Can Help You Solve Your Mood Swings

fish_oil.jpgDid you know the use of fish oil as mood stabilizers? It’s true; fish oil can be used as mood enhancer. If you or somebody close to you is suffering from mood swings or depression then fish oil supplements can be a real help. Even as one of the recent research studies revealed that the number of people affected from depression has increased, another eye-opening study result revealed that consumption of more fish can help reducing mood swings or depressions. This is because fish oil contains Omega 3 which works as a mood enhancer.

Though fish oil supplements have several health benefits, the use of fish oil as mood stabilizers has been discovered recently. Oily fishes are said to contain DHA and EPA fats and also omega-3, which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid. The brain too contains and needs more of these nutrient fats to help maintaining more stable behavior. But the body fails to produce the essential nutrients itself. The traces of these fats start depleting as one grows older. Hence, one needs to consume them from external sources so as to replenish the loss. With the intake of fish oil the loss is compensated and the brain is revitalized.

There are several causes for mood swings and it can happen to any one, irrespective of their age. Mood swings could be just one problem affecting the young and old individuals but it can lead to a more serious problem like bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia etc, if not treated right away. Hence, the best solution is to control the problem at its very start by using fish oil as mood stabilizer

Though you can get the required amount of nutrients directly from the intake of fish, it is not a very feasible option. This is because eating tons of fishes every day may not be possible. Hence, fish oil supplements are the better option. They ensure you get the supply of DHA and other essential nutrients at an exact level. This is why even health experts recommend fish oil supplements.

So, now you know how fish oil as mood stabilizers can solve your mood swing problem. Try it out and see the difference.

3 thoughts on “Fish Oil as Mood Stabilizers Can Help You Solve Your Mood Swings

  1. Joe says:

    I have suffered from anxiety and depression for the past 25 years. I just reluctantly accepted it as a fact of life. 2 weeks ago i was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee. Hearing that fish oil tablets are beneficial for arthritis I purchased some from my local chemist. Within 2 days my anxiety levels, irritability, mood swings and depression have almost ceased while my attention span and ability to concentrate has increased. I have only been taken them for 2 weeks, so while I remain optimistic I know that it is not conclusive evidence that the fish oil tablets are the reason. However, I can honestly say that I have not felt better in the previous 25 years than i have during the past 2 weeks. I will continue to take the tablets and hope that they are indeed the reason for my marked improvement.

  2. Helen says:

    I think it is true that, the fish oil improves ones’ mood.
    I notice that, my mood has been improved since i started fish oil this week. I used to get agigated very easily. Now i notice it has improved. Actually, the improvement, thats what prompted to search in the internet whether there is any relationship between fish oil and mood, and i am pretty suprised to find out that, studies have been done in this area. Wow..boy am I amased!!!!.

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