Is Fish Oil an Alternative ADHD Treatment Medicine?

adhd_treatment1According to a research conducted recently, lack of certain polyunsaturated fatty acids can trigger dyslexia and hyperactivity disorder. Another research reveals that deficiency of omega3 fatty acid may be a factor responsible for learning difficulties. The omega3 fatty acid has positive effect on the emotional health and neurological development of children.

It is important that the children as well as the adults should consume adequate amount of food that contain omega 3 fatty for proper construction of brain. Fish oil, one of the major sources of Omega 3 fatty acid, is an appropriate dietary supplement for the body that can contribute to healthy brain. Hence, fish oil can be recommended as an alternative ADHD treatment medicine. More that being a remedy for ADHD, fish oil is a major source of EPA and should be included in the diet.

Omega 3 supplement may help improvise behavior traits in children. However, the correct approach to ADHD treatment is not only to increase the fish oil intake or take fish oil supplements. The eating habits of the children have significant effect on their overall heath.

Fish oil is not the only way to ward off ADHD, but an alternative ADHD treatment. Little attention to the daily diet of the children can make a world of difference in their mental as well as physical health. Parents should be aware of the fish oil dosage that is essential for their children. In case fish oil is not available to consume directly, recommended fish oil supplements can be an alternative source of Omega 3 fatty acid.

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