Foods High in Calcium Ensure Healthy Bones


Calcium FoodsWhenever we think of essential minerals for strong bones and teeth, our thoughts go to foods high in calcium content. Most of us know that calcium is essential for stronger bones and teeth and also helps to minimize bone loss. But there is another benefit of calcium that most of us are not aware of. Calcium is crucial for our bodily functions such as muscle contraction, weight management, neurotransmitter release, blood clotting, enzyme and hormone production, and many more. 

Generally, people believe that the dairy products are the foods high in calcium. However, the plant based foods such as fruits, vegetables and seeds are also rich source of calcium. It is more important that you understand and recognize the foods high in calcium to get the most out of them and encourage your family members to get enough calcium as their regular diet. 

Among the dairy products that are rich in calcium, milk, yoghurt, cheese, eggnogs are the important ones. You may find that the calcium content of the foods vary for different brands of the same food. Opt for the foods that have high level of DV for calcium. Individuals with allergies to dairy products can select the alternative source: non-dairy products. The plant based foods high in calcium are turnip greens, white beans, baked beans, salmon, tofu, to name a few. 

Select from the combination of foods that are high in calcium to get more calcium in your diet. It is important that everyone should take age-appropriate calcium-rich food for healthy bones.