Take Adequate Fish Oil And Keep The Wrinkles At Bay


Who does not want a smooth skin which looks blemish-free and youthful? Only a few of us are blessed with the perfect skin which looks young for a long time. Age never shows on the skin. But most of us have to sweat it out for getting a smooth skin, free of wrinkles. And when recent research showed that fish oil is advantageous to prevent wrinkles, it was welcomed in most circles. 


A study, published in the Journal of Lipid Research, professed that omega-3 EPA in fish oil can guard against wrinkles and sagging skin. The researchers pointed out that fish oil had great potential in the field of prevention and treatment of skin aging. It has already been established that fish oil is extremely helpful in combating heart problems, depression, inflammation and pain. Alzheimer’s too has been found to be treatable with fish oil. But, despite knowing that fish oil has so many advantages, most of us are still deficient in it.

As far as wrinkles are concerned, research was conducted, applying omega-3 fatty acids to human skin cells. The fibroblasts were then subjected to UV radiation to simulate the actual effects of facing the sun and wrinkling with age. It was observed that the cells which were applied omega-3 fatty acids (possessed by fish oil) were less prone to damage. This damage would have resulted in wrinkles and sagging. Fish oil blocked some of the chemicals which would have caused damage. 

So if you want a clear and glowing skin, free from wrinkles, don’t forget to take fish oil in adequate quantities everyday.