Fish Oil: The Key Factor Behind Toddler Intelligence


Fish oil aids toddlers'Now it has become imperative for pregnant ladies to take fish oil in their diet. This urgency has arisen from the research which claims that fish oil is responsible for better hand-eye coordination in young toddlers. The study says that mothers who took fish oil supplements rich in omega-3 fatty acids, delivered babies who later on showed more brain development. This is in comparison to mothers who took other omega-3 fatty acids like olive oil.

The study involved 98 healthy, pregnant mothers who were divided into 2 groups. One group was administered fish oil supplements after the 20th week and the other group was given olive oil supplements for the same period. 4 grams of each supplement was given daily. Certain other factors, like the mother’s age and breast feeding time was taken into account. Even then it was observed that mothers on fish oil showed better results. Their children were more intelligent and scored highly. However, there was no difference in overall growth and language skills. 

It is believed that long-chain omega-3 fatty acids are responsible for better hand-eye coordination in children. Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and hence should be taken in considerable quantities by pregnant mothers. It is expected to be safe an also contain further benefits which have to be studied

The presence of mercury in fish has made many pregnant mothers turn to fish oil supplements for support. Fish oil supplements are the best in looking after both the mother and the child.