The 4 Important Sources of Cod Liver Oil Benefits

ICod Liver Oiln recent times, cod liver oil has become a necessary part of our food regimen. Cod liver oil benefits are many and so it has become imperative for us to include it in our diet. It is an important source of EPA, DHA and Vitamins A and D. All these are absolutely indispensable for the good health of our eyes, teeth, bones, circulatory system and nervous system.

Cod liver oil benefits include the benefits accrued from the presence of EPA. EPA is an omega-3 fatty acid which is responsible for the healthy functioning of our heart. It is essential for people with arthritis too. It prevents inflammation and also plays an important role in controlling depression.

DHA is another fatty acid which has a key role in cod liver oil benefits. This has a major role in regulating the nervous system and also the circulatory system. Pregnant women can include it in their diet to have healthy babies. These women will also be able to avoid depression which is a normal consequence of pregnancy.

Vitamin A is vital for our eyes, skin and mucosal linings. Cod liver oil benefits due to Vitamin A include healthy skin and digestive system.

Our immune system is strengthened by the presence of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also responsible for healthy bones and teeth. It also helps in controlling diabetes and blood pressure.

Thus, it can be seen that cod liver oil benefits are varied and cod liver oil is necessary to keep all the organs in order. For a better tomorrow, we need to incorporate cod liver oil as an integral part of our diet today.