Omega 3 Fish Oil vis-a-vis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS is a state in which a person feels too tired or is easily exhausted with no apparent reason even while doing the normal activities of life. Sometimes, the profound weakness of CFS doesn’t reduce even after a goodnight’s sleep and it steals the energy of a person. The disease can affect people irrespective of gender, age, race and socio-economic classes.

According to a recent study published in journal Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, people subjected to CFS have high levels of two chemicals- choline and creatine- in their brains. Choline controls the fat levels in the brain cells and creatine is known as the energy provider. The doctors have discovered that fatty acid supplement to the body can control the imbalance of these chemicals in the brain. Particularly, the EPA that is abundance in omega-3 fish oil is useful for significant improvement in the condition of person suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Of late, physicians have found out the relation between omega-3 fish oil EPA and chronic fatigue syndrome which has created a revolution in the field of treating CFS. Patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome are recommended high omega-3 fish oil EPA supplement to resume the chemical balance in the brain and reduce the symptoms of CFS.

Reports say that a large majority of people suffering from CFS have experienced positive result after consuming the Omega-3 fish oil EPA. Of course after the publication of the study more and more people are turning to Omega-3 fish oil EPA to ward off chronic fatigue syndrome.