Importance of Fish Oil for Kids

omega3According to a latest study, fish oil can dramatically boost the performances of young kids at school. Fish oil is an ideal dietary supplement as it provides health benefits and is regarded as ‘wonder food’. A recent study has revealed that students who took fish oil scored an average of 2 grades higher than the students who didn’t take it.

Human brain develops rapidly during infancy and teenage. Fish oil contains the essential component that boosts the natural development process of brain. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for better brain function, has made fish oil such an essential food for the kids. Children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD are prescribed to take powerful drug. Fortunately, fish oil can controls ADD and ADHD in the children. According to another research, a daily dose of fish oil has outperformed the medicine in treating hyperactivity. Fish oil is also useful for kids suffering from learning difficulties such as dyslexia. It is also rich in quality to treat eczema.

Unfortunately, most kids dislike the taste of fish oil and don’t show interest in taking fish oil or the fish directly as daily dosage of food.Besides, these days, sea water has been contaminated with toxin and this has contaminated fish as well. In this scenario parents can look for alternative resources such as fish oil supplements for their kids to meet the health needs of their children.

It’s important to discuss with a pediatrician before adding fish oil to the diet of your kids or starting any fish oil supplement.