Fish Oil Supplements for Mums-to-be to Improve Offspring’s Co-ordination

Fish OilIt’s proven- women who take high doses of fish oil supplements during pregnancy could dramatically boost their children’s hand-eye coordination. As per a latest research at the University of Western Australia’s School of Pediatrics and Child Health, the Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil, is responsible for healthy development of eyes and brain of a fetus and thus is considered as a significant contributor to overall development in the early childhood period. 

Apart from better hand-eye coordination, toddlers who are exposed to fish oil supplements in the womb also observed to have better vocabulary and stronger brainpower. Hence the latest research highlights the significance of fish oils for pregnant women to enhance the unborn child’s overall development. But certain types of fish contain high amount of Mercury, which could be harmful for pregnant women as well as their babies. Hence fish oil supplements can be a safer and better choice. As they are purified, they are usually free of contaminants. 

Earlier there was a misconception that heavy intake of fish oil supplements during the second half of pregnancy could have an adverse effect on the neurodevelopment growth of the unborn baby. But the latest findings have proven this earlier belief wrong. On the contrary, the last 3months of pregnancy are crucial for intake of fish oil supplements as this time is the growth spurt period of baby’s human brain development which continues till the first few months even after the birth of the baby. 

Fish oil supplements are not only helpful for the unborn babies, they are beneficial for mums-to-be too. It reduces the high blood pressure during pregnancy and also gives relief from post-natal depression. With so many benefits, it’s high time for all to-be-mums to include fish oil supplements into their diet if they haven’t started it yet.