Fish Oil: Can It Stop A Receding Hairline?


Hair Loss A shock of hair certainly adds to the personality of a human: be it man or woman. From times unknown, both men and women have been very possessive about their hair and take great care to make it look good. So when it comes to hair loss, everyone is seriously concerned about it and will go to any lengths to prevent it. When fish oil was found to be a good hair loss remedy, most people were happy to know it. Now they have the solution to a very nagging problem.


EPA and DHA, the two components of omega-3 fatty acids are essential for hair growth. Nutrients are better absorbed by the cells with the use of omega-3 fatty acids. The cells, thus strengthened, can work better to achieve a good hair growth. This is not just restricted to hair on the scalp, but it also prevents hair fall from eyebrows and eyelashes.


Hair loss can be caused by genetic conditions, illnesses or poor nutrition. Fish oil helps to hasten hair growth. In fact, if you use fish oil supplements regularly together with healthy nutrition, you can feel the changes in a very short period of time. Therefore, however much supplements you take, you must be careful about your food intake. A balanced diet goes a long way in preventing hair loss. Hormone therapies and stress too take a toll on the scalp and lead to hair loss. Fish oil is a savior in this direction. Take good food with fish oil supplements and you will have a crowning glory to be proud of.