Omega-3 Fish Oils and Its Potential Healing Effects


Omega 3 Fish OilsOur diet has a significant effect on our health and in many cases a controlled and well-organized dieting structure can heal many diseases without the help of any chemically prepared drug. Although there is no single food that can keep an individual healthy, over last decade many Americans have turned to fish oil knowing its positive impacts on health. The Omega-3 fish oil is prime source of EPA for human. The eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) present in fish oil are effective in curing many diseases. 

For a healthy man, general recommendation of Omega-3 fatty acid intake is twice a week. This dose is enough to maintain a healthy diet as well as to prevent many diseases. However, if you want to gain a therapeutic effect of these fish oil, you have to consult a physician as the doses may vary depending on the disease, health condition and several other factors. 

According to researches, quality Omega-3 fish oil can prevent cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure; treat joint pains, migraines, depression, maintain cholesterol and blood pressure. It also works wonder in memory functions and brain development. Experts agree that a diet based intake of Omega-3 fish oil on moderation and variety is crucial to good health. 

The Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines and shellfish. These days, the Omega-3 fish oils are also available in the form of capsules for people who don’t like the smell of fish oil and who don’t get fresh fish to consume directly. 

What Are The Negative Side Effects Of Fish Oil Capsules?

negative_side_effects_of_fish_oil_capsulesAfter all the positive discussions about the fish oils and fish oil supplements, you might be thinking that fish oil capsules are free from any side effects. But the fact is these supplements are associated with their own shares of negative effects.

One of the commonly reported negative side effects of fish oil capsules is diarrhea. These are caused by the gelatin and other trace compound of the fish oils that are used in the capsules. In fact, many people have allergy to these ingredients of fish oil capsules. Individuals with gall bladder or other bile problem may face some issues any kind of fish oil. Again, fish oil can increase the incidence of reflux in people with GERD. Fish oil capsules can cause problems with blood clotting and uncontrolled bleeding for those on blood thinners. Often the mercury levels of the fish oil can be toxic; it depends on the quality, sources and processing of the fish though.

If an individual is taking the fish oil capsules for the first time the chances are high of having a fishy aftertaste or fishy smell. Sometimes, the user may experience burping, indigestion, bloating or abdominal pain. High doses of fish oil supplements may result in nosebleeds, blood in urine, easy bruising, and weight gain.

To avoid these negative side effects of fish oil capsules you need to take some careful steps:

  • Choose the capsules of the company that comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • The capsules should contain high potency of DHA.
  • Choose the manufacturing company that prepares capsules that are processed with molecular distillation.