Benefits of Fish Oil and Calcium

fish-oil-supplements-omega-3- ...In today’s competitive world where people have become so busy that they don’t even have time for their meals, the role of health supplements becomes very crucial. Though there are numerous nutrients and vitamin supplements available in the market, choosing the right one is an important decision. Fish oil and calcium are the elements that are vital requirements of a healthy body and mind. These are two different contents that meet the different body needs. However, when these contents are taken together they have positive effects on bones.

A recent study from Harvard University in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control revealed that Omega-3 deficiency causes nearly 96,000 deaths every year, making it the 8th leading cause of death. Hence, fish oil that is rich in omega 3 is highly recommended by the health experts. The fish oil supplement is known to have several health benefits. It helps in reducing inflammation, creating new neurons in the brain, preventing heart diseases and many more. It has also been found that intake of fish oil and calcium together results in higher bone density and fewer fractures.

A combination of fish oil and calcium has proved to be highly beneficial for women. It is said that these elements when taken together can help to protect women from osteoporosis. It is a disease a disease of bone that leads to an increased risk of fracture and is highly common amongst women. One 18-month study of 65 postmenopausal women found that those who were given a combination of fish oil together and calcium had higher bone density and fewer fractures than those who were given the calcium and a placebo.

Besides deriving benefits from the joint intake of these two elements, one can also take these nutrients separately for individual health benefits. While fish oil can be taken for the prevention of heart attacks, strokes, and several other diseases, calcium can be taken for healthier bones and teeth.