Take Fish oil Vitamins for Healthy Body and Mind

Healthy Body and MindFish oil is a perfect source for obtaining essential Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. These are termed as ‘essential’ for body because they have excellent heath benefits which are even validated by several research studies. The fish oil vitamins often recommended by the health specialists are derived from the cold water oily fishes like Sardines, Mackerel, Salmon and Tuna. These fishes when eaten fresh may contain certain harmful toxins; hence it is always suggested to consume fish oil vitamins that are available in capsule form.

The fish oil supplements or vitamins prepared from the fish oil are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D. These vitamins have their own beneficial effects. Vitamin A is very good for eye sight and also helps to fight against several infections. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium which is important for strong bones and healthy teeth. Though these vitamins have health benefits, their right dosage is very important. An excess intake of any of the fish oil vitamins may cause Vitamin toxicity which is definitely not good for health. Hence, it is always better to get body vitamin level tested by your GP in order to gain maximum from these vitamins.

Apart from the above vitamins, the fish oil vitamins supplements are also a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is most beneficial for health. This is because the nutrients in omega 3 are very effective in prevention of numerous diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, respiratory and neurological disorders including bipolar disorder and depression. Their effectiveness can be gauged from the fact that many Americans prefer to consume these natural fish oil vitamins over other drugs available in the market.

A good supplement for healthy body and mind, the fish oil vitamins are natural products that one can try with confidence.

Taking An Optimal Amount Of Fish Oil Vitamins


fish oil vitaminsOur body needs fish oil vitamins in the requisite amounts. These can be obtained from two types of Omega-3 fatty acids, namely EPA and DHA. Although our body needs these fatty acids, it is unable to synthesize them in the body. Hence, we need to maintain the required levels in our body by taking supplements or adequate amount of food containing fish oil vitamins. Salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines are rich in fish oil. 

Fish oil can be extracted from the fatty tissue of fish or from the liver of fish. Cod liver oil contains a higher level of Vitamin A and Vitamin D than other fish oils. Vitamin A is essential to fight against night blindness. Vitamin D takes care of our teeth and bones. It can also be obtained by exposing our bodies to sunlight for a few minutes during the day. This is why caution is advised while taking fish oil. Overindulgence in fish oil vitamins can lead to toxicity in the body.

As fish oil is highly unsaturated, it can oxidize very easily leading to the problem of rancidity. Vitamin E is an effective anti-oxidant, which can be taken along with fish oil to flush out the ill-effects of it. It improves the good effects of fish oil vitamins. We must be careful to see that we take in only natural fish oil vitamins instead of synthetic ones to guard against vitamin toxicity. Taking a balanced diet with just the right amount of fish oil vitamins will keep our bodies fit.

Effects of an Overdose of Vitamin D

fish oilVitamin D is required by the body in small quantities. The daily requirements of the body can be fulfilled by exposing the body to about 15 minutes of sunshine on alternate days. The Sun is the natural source of Vitamin D. This method of producing Vitamin D naturally is the best and does not lead to an overdose. Food sources too do not lead to Vitamin D overdose. It is however the supplements which are the main culprits in this case. The body has no mechanism to selectively shutdown the consumption of extra Vitamin D and this result in Vitamin D toxicity.

Excess Vitamin D accumulates in the fat cells leading to a disease called Vitaminosis. Vitamin D overdose is also responsible for a host of other problems. It increases the level of calcium in the blood, lungs, heart and kidney. This damages the organs beyond repair. It also causes nausea, loss of appetite and weight. Vitamin D overdose in pregnant mothers can cause retardation in babies. High blood pressure and heart diseases also result from it. Hence a proper doctor should be consulted before taking any Vitamin D supplements. The exact dose and the time period should be ascertained.

One can come to know about Vitamin D toxicity by observing the symptoms present in the person. He is very likely to suffer from bone loss and severe pain in the bones. He will feel very weak, nervous and irritable. He will never tire of drinking water and his skin will be very itchy. Headache and deafness are also noticed in most people. It is therefore pertinent to visit a doctor and lose no time in being treated. This is the best way to overcome Vitamin D overdose.