Can Someone Find A Cure For These Weird Diseases?

Weird DiseasesWeird diseases have long since invaded our universe. You will be astonished to know the many types of weird diseases that can inflict us. All of us are wary of the common diseases like heart attacks, cancer, AIDS and other common ailments. But have you heard about the disease in which you will perceive everything in a very small size? Some even have the tendency to carry out in letter every command they are given in a loud voice, even if it means harming your loved ones. There are still others who think that they have lost parts of their body and may even think of themselves as a walking corpse.

Some weird diseases can be embarrassing also. This includes some people who give out a fishy odor. Due to some problem in their body functioning, their sweat, urine and breath have a fishy smell. There is also the weird disease in which one hand behaves differently and disobeys what the person commands it to do. Still weirder is the case when a person sees an impersonator in his own reflection. He may even attack the impersonator!

People suffering from such weird diseases find it very difficult to lead a normal life. They are always haunted by weird thoughts. Cures for such diseases are also nowhere in the vicinity. Some sort of counseling might help the patient. They might feel depressed at their weird diseases but have no recourse. We can only sympathize with such people and feel happy that we have not been afflicted by these weird diseases.